New Zealand and the Pacific

Hawaii, Fiji, or the Cook Islands are on most people’s mind if they’re looking for “downtime” in an exotic location following their travels through New Zealand and/or Australia.  Each of these destinations are well serviced by Air New Zealand and each in their own way offer a tropical idyll of swaying palms, white sands and warm waters for swimming, snorkelling or diving.

Hawaii with its islands of Maui, O’hau and Kaua’i, probably offers the most scenic diversity with volcanic peaks, canyons and spectacular waterfalls; it also has the greatest choice of accommodation but most of this tends to be of the larger resort variety.

Fiji and Cook Islands by contrast offer holidays at a slower tempo with the main activities focused on the beach, whether that be simply relaxing in the sunshine or enjoying a catamaran cruise along the coastline.  Take your pick!