Apartments and Motels


It’s a good idea to consider apartment style accommodation at some locations if you’re planning a three to four week tour of New Zealand. Sometimes, you’ll feel like taking some time out and doing your own thing for a few days- forget the cooked breakfasts and homely comforts – “I just want my own space for a while, thank you”.

In the past few years, there has been a considerable increase in this style of accommodation since it’s particularly suitable for families who need to cater for different age groups and those who are travelling with a number of friends who want different rooms, but to share the same communal space.

You’ll find the majority of apartment owners will offer a breakfast – this may be of the continental type with a selection of rolls or toast and jam and tea and coffee or if they’re part of a larger complex, they may have a separate dining room .


Generally, of a good three- star standard, they offer good value and clean comfortable accommodation. They may be located “en route” to popular locations or they may be the best alternative to higher priced hotels in the main tourist destinations. The “motel” accommodation in Mount Cook is an excellent choice, as is the new central motel in Matamata for those eager to visit Hobbiton in the evening.

Hand picked accommodation