New Zealand is a joy to explore, similar in size to the UK, the two very different islands pack more variety into their land mass than almost anywhere on earth. Each day reveals a new experience, whether you drive a hire car, take the train, fly between the islands or dovetail one of our Small Group Journeys with a tailor-made New Zealand holiday.

Our itineraries on our website are just a guide and summarise our favourite places, sights and experiences in New Zealand. Any or all of them may be enjoyed as part of your tailor-made holiday. So browse our recommendations, highlight places you want to visit and things you want to do and get in touch with us.

Together we can create an unforgettable visit to New Zealand that’s totally unique to you.

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Enjoy A Bespoke New Zealand Holiday With Silver Fern Holidays


What is a tailor-made holiday?

A tailor-made holiday is a holiday designed entirely around you. Our friendly, experienced team will work with you to understand where in New Zealand you’re most interested in visiting, and then plan a holiday itinerary that’s perfect for you. Of course, we’ll also use our extensive knowledge of New Zealand to suggest some hidden gems along the way that we think you’ll love, which you may wish to include – ensuring you have a truly unforgettable trip.

You may have also heard a tailor-made holiday referred to as a “bespoke holiday”, the reason it’s referred to as bespoke is because every aspect of your trip will be built with you in mind. This starts from your flights to New Zealand, to the sights you see across the North and South Island. Tailor-made travel in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience.

Is a tailor-made holiday the same as a package holiday? 

The difference between a tailor-made holiday and a package holiday is the flexibility. A package holiday has been designed by holiday experts to appeal to most travellers. It will generally involve set flights, hotels and activities all wrapped up in a single price. Everything in a package holiday is predetermined, you just pay, and turn up.

For some travellers, a package holiday is a great option as there’s nothing to choose or organise, you can just sit back and enjoy the sights of New Zealand. For some travellers though, package holidays lack the flexibility to truly make the most of New Zealand as you’d like to.

Tailor-made holiday packages, in comparison, are made especially for you. Our team at Silver Fern Holidays will work with you to create an amazing, unique experience in New Zealand, all within your budget.

We have a range of tailor-made holiday packages that can be customised around you, as well as completely bespoke holidays that can be built from the ground up based purely on your needs and wants. Many customers prefer a tailored holiday package, such as our Grand Tour of New Zealand, as it gives you a great starting point which we can then change and tweak to create your perfect holiday.

Why might you choose a tailor-made holiday?

There’s so much to see in New Zealand, but often, there are a few specific sites that really pique your interest! Perhaps you’re an adventure junkie who wants to check out all the excitement of Queenstown, or maybe you’d like to see a more serene side of the South Island and explore the beautiful lake at Wanaka. Then there’s North Island’s vibrant culture like beautiful Auckland, which offers easy access to many beautiful islands and coasts.

We can create an itinerary that lets you visit all of your dream spots in New Zealand, organising transport and accommodation along the way… we can even book tickets for events, excursions and experiences, so you don’t need to worry about a single thing! As we work closely with you to design your dream itinerary, we’ll understand what makes a holiday special to you. We’ll use our experience travelling around New Zealand to suggest new experiences we know you’ll love, and to make sure you see everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

What is a holiday itinerary and how is it created?

Your holiday itinerary will give a day by day account of what you will be doing and have the information you need for that day, such as excursion information if you have a trip planned.

When visiting New Zealand, travellers often want to see as much as possible, so usually travel for anywhere between 14 days and 32 days. This is a lot of information to compile and keep hold of! Our experienced team will help take the stress out of planning and create your itinerary for you. This means you can simply follow the itinerary and enjoy your time in New Zealand.

Flights and transport

A good holiday itinerary won’t just list your flights, it will have the times of your flights, information on any layovers, reference numbers and ticket information. If you have coaches planned or taxis from the airport to accommodation, this will also be listed in your itinerary.

As part of our flight planning service, we can also organise additional perks like executive taxi transport and VIP lounge access.


Your itinerary will have detailed information on all of the accommodation you have booked. You’ll easily be able to check where you’re staying, for how long, check-in and check-out times and the hotel address for easy navigation.

We work with a variety of accommodation across New Zealand, from rural homestays and cosy bed & breakfasts, to urban hotels and character properties.

Excursions & Activities 

New Zealand is filled with excitingexperiencesfor every type of traveller. Once we’ve worked together to tailor the perfect activities for you, whether it’s educational trips to learn more about Maori culture or bungee jumping, your itinerary will compile it all. We’ll make sure you know exactly when activities are, how long the activity will last, if you need particular clothing and any other information you may need.

How long should you spend in New Zealand?

How long is a piece of string? There is no correct length of time to stay in New Zealand, and no matter how many times you visit, you’ll find there’s always something new to see!

Our shortest tailored New Zealand holiday package, the New Zealand highlights tour, is 14 days long. There is so much to see across both the North and South island, for this reason we recommend 14 days as a minimum to really give yourself the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in what New Zealand has to offer.

How long you spend in New Zealand will depend on your budget and how much time you have available. We’ll always work with you to give you the best trip possible, in whatever time frame best suits you.

How do I plan a trip to New Zealand?

With a little help from your friends at Silver Fern Holidays, of course! Planning a trip to New Zealand can certainly seem a little intimidating, but it’s also incredibly exciting! Our team has years of experience planning trips to New Zealand, so we’re in a great position to take away a lot of the stress and concerns you may have.

When planning a trip to New Zealand, we would recommend first looking at when you would like to travel. The time of year you travel can impact your overall budget as flights and hotels can be more expensive during peak travel seasons. We have great working relationships with many local experiences and accommodation providers, so we’ll always work to find something that fits your budget.

We’ll help you figure out all of your travel, accommodation and experiences so that planning your trip can be the enjoyable experience it should be!

Is it better to travel with a tour guide?

Tour guides remain a popular choice because they can offer in-depth local knowledge about surrounding areas and cultures you can’t get anywhere else. There are also certain areas you’ll find difficult to get to without a tour guide.

For those who prefer a more intimate travel experience, we do offer small group tours. These are packed with off-the-beaten-track trips and quirky, friendly places to stay. This will show you a fascinating side to New Zealand that you can’t get from the internet!

Ultimately, whether or not a tour guide will benefit you will depend on the kind of traveller you are. If you would prefer a self-drive trip around New Zealand, we can work with you to create an independent trip where you can show yourself the sights at a pace that suits you.

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