New Zealand Community Spirit Rises Up During Lockdown

Life in lockdown has made us realise many things, especially how important community is in order to make it through the tough times we’re faced with. New Zealanders are no exception, they’re known the world over for their community spirit and welcoming demeanor. So it may come as no surprise that they’ll go to great lengths to guarantee that everyone in their community is taken care of. 

Whether it’s providing support for local businesses, keeping spirits high with an innovative approach to entertainment or just ensuring no person is forgotten, we wanted to check out how Kiwi’s have been responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

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A Complete Guide to Mount Cook: New Zealand’s Highest Mountain

Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3,724 metres (12,218 feet). It is part of the Southern Alps range which dominates the landscape of the country’s South Island. Throughout the year, the mountain and the other prominent peaks of Mount Tasman, Mount Hicks and Sefton offer a stunning visual backdrop to the scenery of the West Coast, Lake Tekapo and the Canterbury region of the East Coast.

The mountain holds particular significance for the Maori people, who named it Aoraki according to local legend. It is definitely a “must-see” sight on any New Zealand tour, since you can’t truly understand the geology of the country or the mountain’s prominence in the national psyche without a visit to the park that bears its name.

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Coronavirus Update May 2020

New Zealand’s early lockdown policy appears to have been successful in reducing the infection rate and fatalities. That is starting to ease and as the New Zealand winter approaches the country has time to plan its new tourism strategy.

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5 Breathtaking Virtual Tours Around New Zealand

If there’s one thing that we’ve definitely learned the value of since lockdown, it’s travel. The ability to visit far off lands and discover the hidden gems they offer has never seemed so sweet. But while we might not be able to take a trip right now, the power of technology does mean that we can still immerse ourselves in the wonders of the world from the comfort of our sofa.

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Coronavirus Developments in New Zealand

It is generally acknowledged that New Zealand’s Covid-19 Strategy has been one of the most successful throughout the world in tackling the virus.

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand (pictured above), announced this week that the country’s health department had recorded the lowest number of daily cases since 22nd March, four days before the country went into lockdown. So far, there have been just 13 reported deaths in the country.
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Test Your New Zealand Knowledge and You Could Win a Box of Devonport Chocolates!

As we settle into life on lockdown, being unable to get out and about might mean you’re finding it tricky to occupy your time. So, if like us you love all things New Zealand and you want to flex those brain muscles a bit, why not test your Kiwi knowledge with our fun little quiz?

But that’s not all, if you really want to raise the stakes, you can submit your answers* to us at the end and you could win what we think is one of New Zealand’s finest exports… a box of Devonport chocolates worth almost £30!
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A Message from Silver Fern Director, John Lightwood

The events of the last few weeks have brought into sharp focus what we really value in life – our health, our families, our relationships and our communities. It is perhaps a long overdue re-balance of priorities away from business, from money and an “always on the go” mentality.

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Nelson’s Blue Lake and Its Magical Māori Connections

To take your mind off the difficulties experienced across the world at the moment, we wanted to provide you with a little bit of escapism. So, here’s our first post of a series we’re doing all about our favourite places in New Zealand. Grab a cuppa and dive into the magic and wonder of Nelson’s Blue Lake…

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COVID-19 UPDATE: News From New Zealand

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New Zealand introduces quarantine measures to contain the Coronavirus

New Zealand, like most countries, has now imposed quarantine restrictions on arrivals into the country as a preventative measure to help contain the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

We are currently assisting our travellers in the country with any changes they may have to make to their travel plans and postponing trips for those intending to travel in the next few months.

The Silver Fern team also wish to stress that we continue to take bookings for the Pacific Spring, 2020 and Summer 2021 so do give us a call with your plans and ideas on 01636 813544 or contact us at .

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