Self Drive Tours in New Zealand

People say the secret to happiness is freedom, and what symbolises freedom more than the open road and a ready engine? At Silver Fern Holidays, we’re a big believer in freedom which is why we’re so excited about our New Zealand self-drive tours.

Whether your vehicle of choice is a car, an SUV or even a motorcycle, New Zealand is a fantastic place to explore by road.

Driving in New Zealand is easy; the country is compact, you’ll often be the only vehicle on the road, and the sights are out of this world! It’s just possible a drive yourself New Zealand holiday could be the ticket to freedom you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose a New Zealand Self-Drive Tour?

A self-drive tour offers you the ultimate in flexible holidaying. Whether you want to move on early, or linger a little longer, the control is completely in your hands. It also offers up the opportunity to get up close and personal with New Zealand’s stunning landscapes.

The South Island is arguably the more scenic of the two islands with its lakes, mountains, fjords and glaciers and New Zealand’s centre of excitement and adventure: Queenstown. National parks, turquoise lakes and some of the most dramatic vistas in the world, a self-drive New Zealand holiday is one you’ll never forget.

The North Island offers plenty for the New Zealand self-drive itinerary, too. From the Waikato countryside, Rotorua the Maori cultural heart of the country, to the sparkling sub-tropical Northlands, to Auckland and Wellington, the vibrant capital, you really are spoiled for choice.

This is where our travel experts can help. There’s so much to see and do, so where do you start?

Why Choose Silver Fern Holidays for Your Self-Drive Holiday Package?

Over the years, we’ve built up some great relationships with local hire companies and our rates are as competitive as they come. We can help you book a car with the right engine size and boot space for the job, a motorhome that will fit you and your companions in comfortably and provide a full range of facilities or even set you up with a nice new Harley to glide through the mountains and gorges of the most beautiful country in the world.

Our Tailormade Holidays are ideal if you’re looking for a self-drive tour as our travel experts can book an itinerary that suits you perfectly! We’ll organise the vehicle hire, accommodation, activities, everything! Before you know it, you could be sweeping through New Zealand’s 94000 km of road, reaching places buses and other forms of transport don’t travel to.

At Silver Fern we pride ourselves on our flexibility in being able to tailor our packages to suit our customers’ every need. So, if you like the look of an existing itinerary but want to make it self drive, no problem!

If you decide what you’d really like is a bit of self-drive combined with a small group tour, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

The Rules of the Road

Whichever mode of transport you go for, we’ll also help to guide you through the rules of the New Zealand roads. There’s a handy section dedicated to driving in New Zealand on New Zealand’s tourism site covering things like how to tackle the railway crossings and one-lane bridges, and how to deal with the weather conditions. And check out our self drive New Zealand tips for campervans and general driving to get an idea of things to consider before you hit the road.

There is nothing quite like the freedom and adventure of a self drive New Zealand holiday, where the journey is just as important as the destination.

Get in touch, get excited, get your keys and go and tour New Zealand, your way.

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