Private Boutique and Country Hotels

Private / Boutique Hotels

Most private hotels in New Zealand are independently owned and operated, providing an excellent service or our travellers on their own tour or as part of a group enjoying one of our Small Group Journeys around the country.

In many cases we know the owners personally and can vouch for their high standards.

In recent times, the word ‘boutique’ seems to have been applied to this style of accommodation to denote an emphasis upon upmarket furnishings, well appointed rooms and extra services such as the organisation of local activities, inclusive meal arrangements or a bar service.

Country Hotels

These properties may very well be the only accommodations in a small rural town. They serve the needs of business travellers, the occasional visitor and tourists visiting the lesser known regions of New Zealand. You’ll often find they also have the only restaurant or bar in the town and are the centre of the community; here, you may meet locals propping up the bar and extolling the wonders of their way of life!