Image Credits

We would like to thank all our accommodation and experience suppliers for their fantastic co-operation in providing images for this website.

Our thanks also to Tourism New Zealand, and the Tourism  Boards of Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, The Cook Islands, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

We also wish to credit the following photographers:

  • Laura Ling
  • Andy Belcher
  • James Turner
  • Leisuretime  Tours
  • David Wall
  • David Lambroughton
  • James Heremaia
  • Rob Suisted
  • Miles Holden
  • Chris McLennan
  • Kieran Scott
  • Julian Apse
  • Ian Trafford
  • Martyn Williams
  • Chris Sisarich
  • Fred Rood
  • Ben Crawford
  • Nick Servian
  • Fraser Clements
  • Fraser Gunn
  • Venture Southland

Please do let us know if we have missed you off this list, our apologies we will ensure it is updated with your credit.