Perth & Adelaide

Perth is often the entry point to Australia for our travellers who’ve done some overlanding through South East Asia, and its gleaming downtown high rises and glass towers, neat buildings and laid out gardens are a sudden jolt into Western culture.

There are lots of  parks, bushland and river and ocean beaches to head to for some relaxation, and plenty of boutique shops, art galleries, and fantastic restaurants to visit too. Its cosmopolitan, laid back vibe is a favourite with locals and tourists alike, and the great weather means you can make the most off all the cities attractions.

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city is a good distance from other cities in the country, so you’ll need to wither fly or take a 3 day, 2 night train journey to get there. It’s worth it though as once you arrive you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do.

Wander through the central markets or enjoy an interactive Gourmet walking tour through the aisles led by local food expert, Mark Gleeson, and head to the restaurants and cocktail bars in the Laneways in the evening.

Adelaide offers a wealth of experiences, from cricket at the world-famous Adelaide Oval, to the museums and cafes of the city’s North Terrace, and the cosmopolitan seaside suburbs of Glenelg and Brighton. A walk up Adelaide hills is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and sample some wine at the fabulous vineyards you’ll find there.

We recommend Pension of Perth, a historic B&B overlooking the beautiful Hyde Park and just 1kn from the city centre.

In Adelaide we love to stay at Rose Villa B&B, an Edwardian Villa in the Goodwood area of the city, just 2kms south of the CBD.