For those of you who are very forward thinking in your holiday planning, then a 2023 New Zealand holiday has plenty to offer you. We’re pretty sure by this calendar year, any restrictions on travel routes will have disappeared and booking now for the popular departure months of January, February and March would be a good idea.

If you’re contemplating a trip to New Zealand in 2023, or even 2024, we are able to provide you with an approximate quote on all tailor-made New Zealand holidays and small group escorted tours. And with a deposit of just £250.00 per person, we can then hold your reservations.

Whilst you wait for 2023 to roll around, you can sit back and relax to contemplate the joys of a second summer in the Southern Hemisphere. You can also follow us on Facebook, read our blog or e-shots and attend our Zoom presentations, just get in touch to find out more. Before you know it, you’ll be a fully-fledged Kiwi, with all the insider knowledge you’ll need to make the most of your once in a lifetime trip!

The New Zealand Summer (December – April)

As with the December 2021-March 2022 period, we expect heavy demand for this season. There will be many travellers who will “wait and see” how travel around the world has progressed, before taking the plunge to book that big trip.

Do remember to give yourself sufficient time to really enjoy this long awaited holiday and we recommend a minimum of 3-4 weeks to explore the beauties of New Zealand. In this period of time, you’ll be able to explore the sub-tropical North Island – swim, paddle and soak in the warm waters of the Pacific in the Bay of Islands, engage with Maori Art, culture and tradition in Rotorua and explore the rainforests, lakes and mountains of Fiordland in the alpine South. There will be time to follow your own interests too, many of which you’ll probably find in our themed holidays section. If you fancy including those in your 2023 New Zealand Holiday, just let us know.

Summer Events and Festivals in New Zealand

Fancy really getting to grips with the New Zealand lifestyle and culture? Here’s some key events and festivals that are definitely worth adding to your diary if you’re planning a summer trip:

The Shoulder Seasons – Spring (September – November) & Autumn (May – June)

The shoulder seasons are the best time to visit New Zealand without the crowds – although, “crowds” is a relative term when you consider the country only has 5 million people living in a country the size of the UK. However, it can get pretty busy in such hotspots as Rotorua, Nelson and Queenstown during the December to March winter period – making the shoulder seasons an ideal choice for your 2023 New Zealand holiday if you’d prefer a quieter experience.

It’s also true that New Zealand is stunning in the spring and autumn months…

Autumn in New Zealand

In the fall (as the Kiwi’s call it), the tree colours can rival those of New England with their bright orange, red and yellowish hues set alongside the blue waters of the great lakes of Wanaka, Matheson and Hawea. And if you are handy with a camera, the early morning mists that rise from the Hollyford, Routeburn and Milford valleys offer some truly atmospheric photo ops, unlike anywhere else.

Spring in New Zealand

Springtime of course sees flowers coming into bloom with the lupins around Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo a particular feature of these landscapes. At this time of the year, you’ll still have a sprinkling of snow atop the mountains of the South and the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park. The lambs will be running in the fields and the distinctive sound of native New Zealand birds such as the Tui and Kea will ring loud through forests and the lower mountain slopes.

And lets not forget, there’s the bonus that prices are likely to be cheaper than in the summer and winter months, too!

An Autumn day in Queenstown with the light reflecting off the water

Shoulder Season Events and Festivals in New Zealand

Major events and festivals in New Zealand aren’t just reserved for the high season, there’s plenty to get involved with in spring and autumn too:


New Zealand Winter (July – August)

This is the season to head south: it’s ski season when Queenstown and Wanaka really hit their stride. If you’re planning a self-drive tour of New Zealand, be sure to check road conditions and take advice from our office on getting around, to enjoy your travel through a winter wonderland.

But, it’s not all about skiing! There are lots of winter festivals taking place throughout the country and our hosts are certain to have that fire ablazing when you return from your day out. The light at this time of the year can be amazing and those crisp mornings are a delight. You may wish to consider travelling from South to North – gradually heading to the sun and higher temperatures of the Bay of Plenty and Northland.

Winter Events and Festivals in New Zealand

There are lots of events and festivals to get involved with during the winter months, here are just a handful that are worth adding to your 2023 New Zealand holiday itinerary: