If you’re thinking about travelling around New Zealand, but you’re unsure whether to go it alone or in a group, we might just be able to help you. Here, we’re going to take a look at ten of the benefits of the small group tours that we offer.

Travelling solo is great, don’t get us wrong, we have no doubt it will be an eye-opening and illuminating experience. You’ll get to know yourself very well and if you feel confident enough to do it, don’t let anyone stop you! But there are things that our tailored group tours offer that solo travel doesn’t, which we will go over here.


If you love travelling as much as we do, but hate planning, then you’ll love group travel. Some people really enjoy all the planning and organisation. It can create an intense excitement. But for some, the tedium of planning can be a bit too much to enjoy. Reserve the mental energy and space for enjoying yourself instead. Allowing us to take the burden of planning away, you’ll likely find that you really ease up and can fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

Shared Experience

This is a big “would you rather” when it comes to choosing between solo and group travel. When you’re travelling with us, you’re going to take back amazing memories with you. Our Pure Discoveries tour itineraries offer up some of New Zealand’s most amazing sights while still allowing you to explore our amazing country in your own way. When you’re solo, those memories are there but only you have them. In a group, these shared experiences help to create long-lasting bonds and friendships. You also have people who will know exactly what you’re talking about when you are reminiscing.

Meet Like-Minded People

No matter what your age, it can be hard to find new friends these days. When you go travelling in a group, you know that you’ve already got something in common with the people you are with. Because, well, you chose the same trip!


There’s no ‘skill level’ with small group travel. It’s not just for newbies, it’s not just for seasoned travellers, it’s for everyone. Whether it’s your first or twenty-first trip, with our group travel you’ll definitely feel a part of something special. It can also be an interesting exchange of experiences and stories. If this is set to be your first group trip, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with us, with many returning visitors trusting us to plan their visit to New Zealand, you’re bound to pick up some valuable knowledge from any seasoned members of your group. And we say you’re never too old or experienced to learn something new! 

Inside Knowledge

When travelling in a group with us, it’s our job to know about and take you to the best spots. We’ll take you to all the hidden gems, we have useful insider tips about New Zealand, local knowledge and we’ll give you variety. You can head to the mainstream tourist attractions and off the beaten track for the secret spots that no Google search will ever show you.

Guided Tours

All of our tour guides are New Zealand born and bred, they’re extremely passionate and knowledgeable and love sharing their knowledge with you. These are the people that will make your journey complete. They’ll push you to do things you never thought you would (not against your will, of course!) and will make you feel at ease whilst doing it, too. They’re always on hand to help should you need it.


Travelling in a group with us is a great way to cut costs on your tour. From group discounts to special group offers, it can be really great financially. Also, because our tour guides are so knowledgeable, they will know the best value places to eat and drink on your trip… saving you even more money!

Lifelong Connections

There’s a difference between making friends say, at work, and on the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll go through things with strangers that you may never have gone through with your best friend of ten years. The unique shared moments and experiences on offer can create truly special, lifelong relationships.

Push Yourself

Being in a group will lead you to situations that you may never have found yourself in had you been by yourself. This may sound a bit daunting, but it’s these moments in life you remember forever and ever. Where you defy your expectations of yourself and you’ll be glad you had some like-minded people with you to see it, encourage it and remember it with you.


Perhaps the most obvious one, travelling solo is very safe if you do your research and you are knowledgeable, however things can get a bit nervy sometimes. No matter where you are, there’s a chance something bad can happen whether you’re in your hometown or across the world. A huge thing for us is safety and one major benefit of being part of a group is the extra peace of mind, plus your tour guide is always on hand to give you all the advice you’ll need. 


Whether you go alone or in a group, travelling is how you make the most of life and we recommend that you do both. New Zealand is a beautiful country with sights unlike anywhere else in the world, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to explore it as part of a group, jump at the opportunity! 

Silver Fern Holidays specialise in tailored small group tours around New Zealand and offer a range of options to suit. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, head over to our small group tours page for more information.