One of the largest volunteer supported conservation projects in New Zealand, Zealandia is a 225 hectare wildlife sanctuary just 10 minutes from Wellington city centre.

With a mission to preserve Native New Zealand plants and wildlife in a natural habitat, Zealandia is a world first protected sanctuary valley and has a range of activities to keep young and old entertained for anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day.

Grab a map and explore the many walking routes alone or join a free tour, where the passionate guides will tell you all about the sanctuary’s fascinating work and its special inhabitants. For a truly unique experience, why not go on a night tour and explore the valley by torchlight.  Led by your guide you will go in search of some of the more elusive of New Zealand’s wildlife – you might even be lucky enough to see a kiwi foraging in the native bush, or hear the ghostly night call of the Morepork!

Inside there’s an interactive exhibition that includes an opportunity to get up close with a life sized Moa and a magnificent Haast Eagle and its worth taking the time to watch the huge 11m big screen movie that leads you through over 80 million years of history and tells the story of the damage to the eco system that was brought on by the arrival of humans and what is being done now to protect and conserve it.

The diversity of wildlife found within the sanctuary is remarkable, and it’s become a much needed haven for many endangered plants and animals that are facing extinction in areas that are not protected.  Around forty different species of native bird, twenty-four of them endemic (found in no other country) call Zealandia home, along with Dozens of reptile species, hundreds of plant species and thousands of kinds of invertebrates.

What our travellers enjoyed about Zealandia…

  • Going on a night time tour to kiwi spot
  • Getting up close and personal with Wetas and Tuataras
  • Visiting the hatchery and seeing the baby birds as they are born