Weta Caves Tour

If you’ve got a bit of spare time while you’re in Wellington, and you’re a film fan, The Weta Workshop Tour is a great way to spend an hour or so. It’s not far at all from the airport so can be accessed really easily too.

Although the tour is relatively short (around 45 minutes) we were amazed at how much we learned – we didn’t realise Weta had been involved with so many films!! The passion and creativity is squeezed into a relatively small space as the workshop isn’t a huge ‘movie studio’ but rather a small working studio tucked away in a residential area of the city and we think that’s what makes it so special.

A real bonus is that your guide will be one of the team that actual works at Weta, so they really know their stuff. Their enthusiasm for their work is evident and they’re full of facts and stories about Weta, and the New Zealand Film industry.

Entry is free as is the short 25 minute film that gives you an insight into the workings of the studio. For a more in depth glimpse into the world of Weta, take a 45 minutes tour (NZ $24)  You’ll get to see some of the actual props from the Lord of The Rings Films, and a chance to purchase replicas in the shop to take home with you.

What our travellers enjoyed about Weta Caves Tour…

  • Coming face to face with some of the characters from Peter Jacksons films
  • Being lucky enough to catch the design and productions team hard at work on a new project!
  • Learning about all the huge list of films that the workshop has been involved in