Fishing on Great Lake Taupo

Great Lake Taupo – even the name sounds grandiose – but until you’ve seen New Zealand’s largest freshwater lake up close and personal, you can’t quite imagine its enormity.  With an area of around 240 square miles, it stretches on as far as the eye can see and disappears beyond the horizon.

Undoubtedly the key activity on Taupo is fishing – a real experience – with everyone ranging from novices to experts being catered for, and opportunities ranging from trips in small boats, to large boats, or even to combine fishing on the lake with helicopter flights and jet boating trips.  A popular option is fly fishing, visiting some of the tributaries of Lake Taupo that can only be accessed by water, and there are plenty of crayfish and whitebait in the lake itself.

What our travellers enjoyed about fishing on Lake Taupo…

  • Combining their fishing trip with a cycling tour – taking the bikes on the boat for a diverse day of adventure
  • Trout fishing – trout cannot be bought in New Zealand shops, so if you want to eat it – you’re going to have to fish for it
  •  There is nothing more satisfying than getting the chef at a local restaurant to prepare the trout you’ve personally caught
  • Relaxing on deck with a cold drink and letting someone else do all the hard work