Queenstown Gardens

Whilst the adrenaline junkies queue in the adventure agencies and the crowds gather around the wharf front, if you’re seeking some peace and quiet in this bustling town we recommend heading to Queenstown’s beautiful Gardens for an afternoon. Located on a small peninsula on the shoreline of Lake Wakitipu, the Gardens are a great spot to take in the views of the lake and the mountains beyond.

The Gardens were established in 1887 by members of the town’s first Borough Council. and are home to Queenstown’s bowling and tennis clubs. There is a small lake with a fountain and variety of exotic trees and plants to discover. You’ll also find memorials to Robert Falcon Scott and William Rees ,the first settler to arrive in Queenstown in 1860.

What our travellers enjoyed about the Queenstown Gardens…

  • Sitting by the lake watching  the magical interplay of light on Wakitipu’s waters
  • Photographing reflections on the lake and the small bridge
  • Eating a picnic lunch on one of the Garden’s banks