Adrenaline Activities

Ever since a young man named AJ Hackett came up with the idea of tying a bungee rope around willing punters and assisting them to jump off the Kawarau bridge almost thirty years ago, Queenstown has become known as the Bungy Jumping Centre of New Zealand  and more recently as  The Adventure Capital of the world

With new weird and whacky pursuits being added to the hair raising list every year there’s plenty on offer to get the heart pumping. These activities can all be booked direct through your accommodation or at one of the many agencies located inthe town .

We do suggest that you check with your travel insurance provider that you are covered for your chosen activity before you decide to participate .

A quick summation as to what is on offer :

Bungy Jumping: free transportation is offered from the Station Building in Queenstown to the Bungy Jumping centre at the Kawarau Bridge and here you can indulge in a whole number of different experiences including Tandem bungy Jumps and zip line rides . Night time bungy jumping and Ledge Swings can also be “ enjoyed “ from the Ledge site near the top of the Skyline Gondola

Jet Boating: take a unique breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow canyons of the Shotover River Canyon at up to 85kph over crystal clear water as shallow as 10cm deep.

White water rafting: doesn’t get more extreme than out on the Shotover river. Don’t be fooled by the gentle paddling that starts your adventure off, before long you’ll be hurtling into rapids and clinging on for dear life.  Not for the faint hearted, it exhilarating and lots of fun, there’s a sauna and hot shower at the end of it all to recover!

Paragliding: compared to the other adrenaline activates Queenstown offers, paragliding seems fairly relaxing, but launching yourself off the side of a mountain is still pretty hair raising! The serene and peaceful gliding back down to the ground though, offers some wonderful opportunity to enjoy the scenery from a very different viewpoint, and once you’ve come back down to earth, we know you’ll want to go again!