Dunedin Railway Station

The Grand ‘Gingerbread house’ exterior of Dunedin Railway station is a stunning architectural land mark right in the city and depicts the grandeur of days gone by when trains were the favoured form of transport for long distance travel.

Stroll inside and marvel at the mosaic floor that features almost 750,000 tiles of Royal Daulton porcelain in the booking hall, the stained glass windows and beautiful coving.

In 1999 the building underwent a large restoration project which saw it returned to its former glory and although today only a few trains use it its platforms are still regularly walked by visitors and local alike who enjoy its peaceful beauty.

The building houses a restaurant, an art gallery and the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, and each year in October becomes what is probably the world’s longest catwalk for the South Island’s main fashion show.

What our travellers enjoyed about Dunedin Railway Station…

  • Take a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway, one of the few remaining departures from the Railway station and heading out into some spectacular and iconic scenery
  • Saturday visitors pop to the Otago farmers market next door to pick up supplies for a picnic out on the beautiful lawns in front of the station.
  • The photographic opportunities – its hasn’t gained the title of the most photographed building in the country for nothing!