On 15 March 2019 (NZT), a mass shooting occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has condemned the act of violence against innocent people and has described this as one of New Zealand’s “darkest days”. New Zealand’s national threat level has for the first time been lifted to high which triggers a number of actions to help keep people safe, such as increased aviation and border security. This includes additional security screening at Christchurch Airport.

This event is unprecedented in New Zealand. The focus at this time is supporting those families and communities impacted by the attack and working to ensure people feel safe and secure. The actions of those responsible do not represent the New Zealand people. New Zealand has responded to the event by strongly condemning the actions of those responsible for the attack and supporting those affected.

Our deepest sympathies are with the families affected and the people of the Muslim community who have suffered intolerable losses while gathering in peace and prayer. The attacks that have occurred in Christchurch are a shocking assault on our people and our country. New Zealand is a country that values peace and kindness. Christchurch is a city that cherishes these values and will continue to unite to foster love and hope.

We have been monitoring the situation since the first announcement reached us last Friday. Our company’s priority to all our travellers is to ensure that they are safe at all times. We will make contact with any clients in the Christchurch area should their plans need to change.

There is further information relating to travel and events across the city via the Christchurch City Council website.