The Glaciers

One of the most Iconic West Coast features, the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are unique in that they provide some of the most accessible Glaciers in the world – there aren’t very many glaciers that you are able to walk to from the local town!

Located in South Westland, around 2 hours drive from Greymouth, the Glaciers descend down from the Southern Alps, reaching almost sea level. You can conveniently take an easy walk along pathways to the foot of the glaciers and believe us, standing below them looking up, is a sight that will stay with you forever, such is their breath-taking enormity and magnificence.

Most of our travellers choose to take a guided tour to really experience the glacier environment in all its glory and either walk, take a scenic helicopter flight, or elect to take a Heli-hike and combine the two.

Heli-hikes are a spectacular way to get right up on the glaciers and explore the areas that you aren’t able to access on foot, though it’s worth bearing in mind that flights can be cancelled if the weather doesn’t cooperate. ADD EXTRA All the clothing and equipment you will need is provided, and the trip starts as you head up the sides of the valley, taking in the spectacular views

Once you land on the glacier, strap on your crampons and spend time exploring the ice caves and dramatic glacier formations that make this area so incredible. Your guide will navigate you through some of the purest glacier scenery and explain the geology of the glaciers and the environmental changes that are having such an impact on rapidly changing terminal face of the glaciers.

The walks are tailored to all fitness levels and abilities and we promise it’s one trip you won’t forget – there’ll certainly be lots of photographs for your album!

What our travellers enjoyed about The Glaciers…

  • Learning the legend of Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere whos floods of tears, according to Mouri legend, caused the glaciers formation.