Waimangu Thermal Valley

The Waimangu Thermal valley, located 14 kms south of Rotorua , was created by the eruption of Mt Tarewa on 10 June 1886 which ripped a hole through the landscape, destroyed the Pink and White Terraces (one of the wonders of the world at that time) and buried the village of Te Wairoa with the loss of 150 lives.

Today, you can enjoy an easy walking tour from the Visitor Centre and café through the valley. Stop en route to see the geothermal features which have such evocative names as Echo Crater , Frying Pan Lake and Cathedral Rocks . At the end of this downhill walk you can take a boat cruise on Lake Rotomahana viewing the geothermal sights that can only be seen by boat.

There are a number of different excursions to thermal areas near Rotorua , but we think a visit to Waimangu Thermal Valley is one of the best – guided or self-guided , it’s a walk amidst native bush and a new eco system which you will thoroughly enjoy.

What our travellers enjoyed about their visit to the Waimangu Valley…

  • The great variety of features within the valley from the World’s largest hot water springs to the mysterious rhythms of Inferno Crater
  • Seeing the colourful geothermal sinter terraces which are growing at Waimangu.
  • The excellent Interpretative guides to the walk
  • The efforts being made by the Department of Conservation to restore the environment