The Twin Coast Cycle Trail

An easy, smooth cycle trail that passes through some of the earliest European and Maori settlements in Northland, we think the Twin Coast Cycle Trail is a really great way to get out with the wind in your hair and do some exploring of one of the most historically significant areas of New Zealand at a pace to suit you.

Journeying from east to west, you’ll travel from the historic village of Okaihau along smooth roads that follow the routes of some of New Zealand’s earliest settlers. As the road dips and winds through small towns and farmland, along ancient pathways and amongst native forests you’ll come across areas that offer splendid views out over the Bay of Islands and Hokianga Harbour so make sure you take your camera.

Some of the trail is built on a disused rail corridor, and offers off road cycling, while the rest, although on road allows you to mostly ride side by side enjoying the peaceful scenery and taking in the historical and cultural sights. Along the way, keep a lookout for Pou Pou that are positioned along the way. These hand carved Mouri pillars tell the stories of local people and the landscapes they live in. At present there is 20kms of track currently open though work is underway to extend the length of the track – due to open in 2016.

What our travellers enjoyed about the Twin Coast Cycle Trail…

  • The gentle, easy climbs that reward you with spectacular views
  • Its family friendly and suitable for all levels of fitness and ability
  • It offers a great way to learn about the cultural history of Northland, whilst enjoying the fresh air and a little exercise!