Earth & Sky Stargazing

Apart from the beautiful views of the lake, one of the best reasons for stopping in Tekapo is to join an observatory tour on Mount John. Here,under the guidance of astronomers from Canterbury University ,you will be able to view the wonders of the southern night sky through the Centre’s powerful telescopes.

On a clear night your astronomer guides will introduce you to the objects and constellations visible in the sky to the naked eye, pointing with bright lasers which almost seem to reach the sky! You’ll  then move on to looking through several of Earth & Sky’s telescopes – these are portable yet powerful, and they are  set  up outside under the stars each night.

If you have a DSLR camera an astrophotographer is on hand to help you capture pictures of the night sky. Do ensure you wear warm clothing and sturdy footwear.

What our travellers enjoyed about the Earth and Sky Tour…

  • The fantastic images of the night sky viewed through the telescopes
  • The easy to understand commentary and support given by the excellent guides- their passion for the subject really enthuses everyone
  • The complimentary hot chocolate and cake!