Whalewatch Kaikoura

Kaikoura is the destination in New Zealand if you’ve always dreamt of having the chance to go Whale Watching, and with an 95% chance of spotting one of the these majestic mammals on a Whalewatch tour, it’s well worth booking a trip out onto the water during your time here.

As well as whales a typical Whalewatch tour may encounter fur seals, pods of Dusky dolphins and the endangered wandering Albatross . You might also see migrating humpback whales, blue whales and hector dolphins –much depends on the time of year you visit and of course, there is an element of luck as to how many sightings there are on your trip.

Just a word of advice – we do advise taking motion sickness tablets prior to this trip ,if you suffer from sea sickness , it can be a bit choppy!

What our travellers enjoyed about Whalewatch Kaikoura…

  • The chance to spot a Giant Sperm Whale, they’re the star of the show here!
  • The fact that Whalewatch are so confident of successful whale spotting, they’ll refund you 80% of the trip cost if you return back to shore without seeing one
  • The friendly on board crew and informative commentary.