Cathedral Cove

Accessible only on foot or by boat, famous Cathedral Cove is one of the “must visit” sites on The Coromandel.

The walking track from the  car park ( which is often full , so you may have to park further back on Grange road ) gives access to Gemstone Bay, Stingray Bay and the beautiful sandy beaches at Cathedral Cove separated by a rock arch. Although this track is well graded, there are some hill slopes.

Stingray Bay has some large boulders with a beautiful sandy beach beyond. Special features are a sea cave and honeycomb weathering on the cliff face across the bay.

You can also explore  explore the breathtaking coastline by kayak, water taxi or scenic boat cruise

The snorkelling and swimming opportunities in the Reserve are plentiful, especially in the shallow waters around Stingray Bay (Te Karaka) and the western side of Mahurangi Island. Gemstone Bay (Waimata) has a snorkel trailmarked by buoys that illustrate the marine habitats and associated species that live in the waters below them.

Much of the reserve is suitable for diving; the sponge gardens and reef systems are of particular interest.

What our travellers enjoyed about a visit to Cathedral Cove…

  • The outstanding views of the Coromandel coastline and offshore islands
  • Picnicking on the beach
  • Photographing the Cove
  • Swimming at Stingray Bay