Glow Worm Kayaking

A glow worm kayaking tour is a special and unique experience. It’s true that there are other places in New Zealand that you can see glow worms, and plenty of places where you can take to the water and try kayaking, but this we think, is the only places where you can do both!

As the sun goes down, a small group forms by the riverside, and after some much-needed sustenance, climb into their kayaks. Paddling in near-darkness, the guides ensure they light your way with head torches, and everyone follows in convoy. On reaching the canyon, all lights are turned off, all kayaks link together, and everyone falls silent as the walls surrounding you light up.

What our travellers enjoyed about visiting the Lake McLaren and the Wairoa River…

  • Watching the sunset over the hills and revelling in the peace once the daytrippers have headed home before silently paddling out onto the lake at dusk
  • Being immersed in the canyon surrounded by glow-worms, twinkling like stars
  • Taking the opportunity to raft the grade 5 white water on the Wairoa River, created by water being released from the dam most Sundays in the summer months
  • Indulging in the gourmet locally-sourced nibbles and local wines provided to build up strength for the kayaking