We’ve all heard the saying that ‘life is about the journey not the destination’ but in the case of surviving a long haul flight to New Zealand, we have to admit that the opposite is probably true – actually getting to New Zealand is never going to be the highlight of your trip, but we do think that with a bit of preparation and some organisation, the 11689.8 mile journey doesn’t have to be something to dread.

We’ve travelled between the two countries more times than we can remember and although when we can, we usually choose to stop for a day or two en route -both to break up the journey and to explore other countries while we’re so close to them – sometimes time is of the essence, and if you’ve only got a couple of weeks scheduled for your trip you’ll probably want to get to New Zealand as quickly as possible to make the very best of your time there.

We’ve put together our favourite tried and tested flight survival secrets to make sure that you arrive in New Zealand, if not feeling as fresh as a daisy, then at least not like you want to hide away in a hotel room for 24 hours!

Before You Go:

Get Your Gadgets Ready


It’s true that long haul flights have much better in-flight entertainment than they used to, but you never quite know what will be on the schedule, so it makes sense to have some entertainment back-up for the flight (and for the in-between times when you’re passing time in the airport lounge).

Charge your devices, download your favourite television programmes or a few films onto your tablet and if you have a kindle or an e-reader make sure you’ve got some good reading material ready. (Top tip – start your book a few days before you go so you’re already into it and you know you like it by the time you fly – there’s nothing worse than looking forward to starting a new book, only to find it’s not a page turner!)

Pack Snacks


We’re not sure about you, but we’ve never been particularly fond of aeroplane food (except for the fact that it breaks up the journey and passes a bit of time) and even if you aren’t adverse to the culinary offerings on board you’ll probably want to eat to your own schedule –no-one enjoys being woken up from a much needed snooze by a flight attendant offering you a meal you don’t really want.

We usually take some fruit, some veggie sticks and a small pot of hummus, some cheese and some dried fruit and nuts. They’re all slow release energy and will fill you up without leaving you feeling uncomfortable and bloated.

Pack a Flight Survival Kit

Completely essential if you want any chance of managing to sleep during the flight. Although airlines used to always hand out travel packs, you never quite know these days, so we recommend packing your own. An eye mask (we love our lavender infused ones), some ear plugs, a travel pillow and a pair of warm cosy socks will go a long way to making the journey more bearable and they don’t take up much room in your cabin baggage.

Choose your Seats

Avoid a middle seat! We definitely recommend choosing an aisle seat whenever possible. You’ll want to get up and stretch your legs from time to time, and its so much harder when you have to wake up the person in the seat next to you, or try to climb over them without disturbing them!

Be Organised


Aim to get to the airport early so you’re not stressing and rushing around – consider an airport hotel the night before if you’re prone to anxiety!

In Flight

Stay Hydrated


And watch what you drink. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Well, actually, you are officially already on your holiday once the plane takes off, and we’re not total killjoys so maybe don’t avoid alcohol completely, but limit it to a glass of fizz to toast your travels, or a glass of  wine with a meal.

Although on long flights, you can request water throughout, we always find it easier to buy a couple of bottles once you’ve passed through baggage control so you don’t have to keep buzzing the flight attendant (note: another reason to book an aisle seat – upping your water intake also means more regular trips to the bathroom!) .

Check the Time


Set your watch to your destination time when you board your flight, and try, if you can, to nap at times that fit in with your new time zone – you’ll be more likely to arrive feeling more human, we promise!

Stretch your Legs

Make a conscious effort to get up and have a walk around the plane, move flex and stretch your legs regularly to encourage blood flow, and there are lots of exercises you can do in your seat too to stop muscles stiffening up. Granted, you might look like a bit of a wally, but they’ll keep you comfier.

Be Nice


Last but most definitely not least, be polite and friendly to the flight attendants and your fellow travellers. It can be hard to stay chirpy when you’re lacking sleep and have been squeezed into the economy cabin of a jumbo jet for the past 10 hours, but so has everyone else, so smile at the stewardess, don’t get grumpy in the queue for the loo and be nice to your neighbour, we promise you’ll arrive in New Zealand feeling so much better!